Rutgers Esports was first founded in Fall 2014 by a small group of gaming club leaders at Rutgers University. They came together with a shared vision: a place for all gamers, no matter who they are, what they play, or how seriously they play it, to call home. Since that day, Rutgers Esports has grown from a handful of scattered gaming clubs to a thriving, unified community for all gamers. We are now one of the largest student groups on campus, holding events that draw over five hundred attendees and fielding teams and players that stand among the best in North America. We’ve gotten the chance to work together with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world - and we’ve done all this while staying true to our roots in the community and remaining entirely student-run and student-led.

We firmly believe that gaming can and does make a real change in the world. Gaming empowers communities, transcends all boundaries, and brings people together in a way nothing has before. We are dedicated to supporting this incredibly passionate community both at Rutgers and beyond. We work every day to uphold our founding vision and are constantly pushing towards our ultimate goal: to make Rutgers the center of collegiate esports.

Our clubs meet at 8:00pm on Fridays on the second floor of SERC, so if you share our passion feel free to stop by!

Achievements & Alumni

Take a look at everything that the club has achieved over the years with the help of our notable alumni!

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Take a look back at our history, from where we first became a club; to our first championship; to today!

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Meet Our Team

Meet the guy and gals that keep the Rutgers Esports running strong! Spoiler Alert, headshots!

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