Adam Baugh

B.S. Exercise Science and Sports - Applied Kinesiology

Co-founder of Rutgers Esports
Starcraft Representative/Executive Board Member (2014-2017)
President of Rutgers Esports (2016-2017)
Vice President of Rutgers Starcraft (2014-2015)
President of Rutgers Starcraft (2015-2017)
Substitute player on the Rutgers Starcraft II Team (2013-2015)

During his time at Rutgers Esports, Adam established the vision and core values of the organization. On top of his presidential duties, Adam has served as Event Talent (Host, Caster, and Interviewer) at several Rutgers Esports events.
When he was President of the organization, Adam directed nearly all areas of Rutgers Esports including marketing, corporate partnerships, community development, recruitment and management of the eboard, administration relations, content creation, event planning and production, social media, finances, and revenue generation. Furthermore, he operated as Head Event Organizer of The Scarlet Classic III, which was the largest intercollegiate gaming LAN in the history of East Coast esports at the time. In recognition of his efforts, he was invited by Blizzard to attend the 2016 Tespa Summer Retreat where he met with industry professionals and peers alike in an effort to strengthen the vision of collegiate esports.

Adam currently works as the Tespa East Regional Coordinator at Blizzard Entertainment, as well as a Journalist for Esportsheaven. On top of this, he is currently getting his M.S. in Global Sports Business at Rutgers University, as well as being a part of multiple esports shows/podcasts including being the Co-host of the Fog of War Esports Show, and Co-founder and Host of The Long Run Podcast. Adam is also currently available as a Freelance Esports Consultant and Event Talent.

Albert Stein

B.S. Computer Science, Entrepreneurship Minor

President & Co-Founder, Rutgers Counter-Strike Club (Fall 2015 - Fall 2017)
Director of Finances, Rutgers Esports (Summer 2017 - Fall 2017)
Counter-Strike Representative, Rutgers Esports (Fall 2015 - Fall 2017)

Albert currently works as a Software & Applications Developer at Prudential Financial. During his time here, he ran tournaments for Counter-Strike at major Rutgers Esports events. Additionally he organized viewing parties and various smaller events for the Rutgers Counter-Strike Club. Outside of Counter Strike, Albert had his hands in many pots, taking photos and videos and events, managing technical set-ups, as well as managing the finances for Rutgers Esports. It is safe to say that without the time and dedication that Albert has invested into the organization, Rutgers Esports couldn't have achieved what it has.


Alex Um


Co-Founder, Community Management Lead (2014-2017)
Co-Founder, Vice President of League of Legends Club (2014-2017)

Alex is currently employed at Grand BK as an IT Help Desk Technician. In his time here, he founded the org and managed most of Rutgers Esports' social media, communities, and Discord server. Additionally, Alex played for several collegiate teams, mainly coaching the Rutgers LoL team.


Faizan Ilyas

B.A. Psychology, Business Administration Minor

Dota 2 Treasurer (2016-2017)

Faizan is currently an MBA Student at Rutgers. As Dota 2 club's Treasurer, he coordinated events, boosted the financial status of the club, and assisted Rutgers Esports as a whole. Faizan remains a good friend of the organization, and is a 2k scrub to this day.


Jackie Chen

B.A. Graphic Design & Communications

Graphic Design Lead (2016-2017)
Vice President of Overwatch Club (2016-2017)

Jackie is currently employed at Studio D Creative, Tespa and EndgameTV as a designer. For Rutgers Esports, she designed the event branding for every event, as well as the partnership deck for the organization's events, the Scarlet Classic III stream overlays, the organizations merchandise, and more. Jackie even served as a sub our first ever Overwatch roster. Jackie shaped the vision of the organization on a level most don't have the capability to, and that is reflected in the great design work that she continues to put out to this day.


Scott Zackman

President of Overwatch Club (2016-2017)
Overwatch Team Coordinator (2016-2017)
Overwatch Representative/Executive Board Member (2016-2017)

Currently Scott works as a New Brunswick Devco Event Manager. In his time at Rutgers, Scott was an Overwatch player during the 2016 Tespa Summer Series where he achieved a top 4 finish. He was also the creator of the bi-annual Rutgers Esports Summit and Head Organizer of Esports at The Yard.


Zachary Sinkiewicz

B.A. English & History, Political Science Minor

Smash 4 Event Coordinator/Member at Large (2016-2017)

Currently a Law Student, in his time at Rutgers Zachary helped coordinate Smash 4 events, and participated in Smash 4 casting at events across the state and at Rutgers. He was also an Overwatch caster at Rutgers events, and helped with constitutional logistics as well as suggestions in the Spring Summit 2017.


John Macone

Director of Community Management (Fall 2017)
Smash 4 Representative (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
Smash 4 President (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
Smash 4 Treasurer (Fall 2017)

During his time here, John reinvigorated Smash club and brought Smash 4 into the fold, tripled regular club attendance, hosted and ran the top three largest Smash tournaments of all time at Rutgers University, established current club activities (including biweekly tournament structure, events, etc), established current social media practices and led to an increase in over 400% in social media following on all platforms.


Jacob Kupferberg

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering

Starcraft Treasurer (2015-2017)
Rutgers Esports Treasurer (2016-2017)
Rutgers Esports Mover (Mercenary) (2015)

Currently Pursuing Materials Science Ph.D. at Northwestern University. Jacob is researching how to use 3D printing to create artificial leaves that perform solar powered catalysis for fuel and CO2 reduction.

Jacob Kupferberg's foremost accomplishment with Rutgers Esports was establishing the tradition of us actually having money and equipment to run events. He helped bankroll Esports for the larger part of its existence, when funds were not guaranteed. On the production side, Jacob did some minor streaming for various events, was the cinematographer and videographer for The Scarlet Classic II. Additionally, he came up with the name for the premiere fall event "The Fireside Open" and ordered/managed the inventory of Rutgers Esports apparel. An eccentric man, Jacob asked us to include the following accomplishments, and to preserve his personality we decided not to edit them.

Jacob's accomplishments in his own words:
Got us into contact with Tim. (He didn't say who Tim was).
Helped broker peace with the administration.
Acted as general wingman for most of the shmoozing and presidential duties.
Rutgers Esports Vice-President in effect.
OSU! squad manager and hype man.
Helped bring Tetris to Rutgers Esports.
Assisted in the coordination of events.
Acted as day of event logistics manager at major events.
Helped cultivate the various relationships with companies and vendors.
Helped President Adam Baugh maintain his sanity.
Rutgers Esports resident moving van.