Become an Officer Today!

Rutgers Esports is comprised of 10 committees, each composed of a Director and a varying number of Officers. If you’re looking to play a crucial role in esports at Rutgers, and collegiate esports in the East coast, join our team as an Officer!

As an Officer, you get to choose which of the 10 committees you want to be involved with. Each committee oversees a vital aspect of our organization, and every committee offers a different and unique experience. You’ll have the chance to gain real world and viable experience working as an officer. All of our committees give the opportunity to learn event planning & logistics, time management, teamwork & communication skills, and more

The committees that we have are the following:

Community Relations:

The Community Relations committee is our group of ambassadors who interact with the community on a face to face level. They listen to community concerns and successes, as well as being the first point of contact for club members on behalf of Rutgers Esports. If you love advocacy and working with people, this could be the committee for you!

Competitive Management:

This committee is responsible for managing the competitive club teams within Rutgers Esports. We work with team staff to coordinate practices and matches, while also ensuring that player opinions and voices are represented within the Rutgers Esports Executive Board. During the competitive season, you will be essential staff to help each teams’ coordinator and captain. During events, you will be responsible for officiating our various tournaments. To join this committee, you will need a love of competitive esports, have a need to self-improve, and be able to give and take constructive criticism. Rutgers Esports is consistently a Top 16 school, always striving to be #1.

Content Creation:

Content Creation is a team dedicated to creating visual content for the Rutgers Esports community. Graphic Designers are responsible for working in Adobe Programs to be able to create graphic logos, banners, brb screens, overlays, buttons, stream assets, partnership announcements, etc. Anything that is visual coming from Rutgers Esports onto the social media, events, clubs, etc. usually comes from this committee.


The main responsibility of the Events Committee is to make sure that our events are set up properly and run as smoothly as possible. The role of the committee prior to our events is to reserve the venue in advance, communicate with the Rutgers Events Coordinator on what we need and have for the event, plan out the schedule for both the event and the stream, create a list of items that we need to purchase for the event, and manage the giveaway items and schedule. On the day of our events, the Events Committee is expected to arrive early to help set up and remain available throughout the day to fill in for our various stations or help with unforeseen issues that occur, as well as staying late to help with clean up. As a member of this committee, you will need and improve upon your time management, organizational, and leadership skills through tasks that require efficient delegation to make our events the best they can be.


The Finances committee is responsible for budgeting and fundraising, ensuring that the organization’s money is spent in the most efficient way possible. We are responsible for accurate recordkeeping and performing any kind of necessary financial analysis to maximize the funds available to the organization to spend. We are also responsible for tracking any equipment or other assets owned by the organization and for paying and collecting on debts in a timely fashion.

Human Resources:
The Human Resources committee handles everything involving the internal affairs of Rutgers Esports. Our responsibilities range from preventing and solving interpersonal problems on the board, creating and planning events and programs for the officers, and recruiting new officers to the board. As a member for HR, you will have the opportunity to be a direct resource for other officers, whether that be solving conflicts, giving advice, or planning hangouts. You will have hands on experience designing and working on our recruitment process, as well managing event staff during our major events. If you’re looking for viable experience in HR or just enjoy working to benefit others, this committee is for you!
Media Production:
Our Media Production committee is split into two parts: videography and streaming. As such, we are looking for a variety of applicants! We are looking for experienced videographers/aspiring videographers comfortable both with shooting video and editing with editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.). The Media Production committee is also looking for for experienced streamers or those knowledgeable in production to assist with broadcasting our events, tournaments, and community related content onto Twitch.
Partnership Management:
Our Partnership Management team is looking for a candidate to help cultivate and maintain relationships between Rutgers Esports and partners within the gaming industry. The ideal candidate is a hardworking individual who is interested in the business side of esports and is looking to engage with and pursue partnerships with industry leading organizations. The role of Partnership Manger provides an exciting opportunity to actively interact with representatives of gaming companies you know and love (Corsair, Nvidia, Twitch, NYXL, MSI, HTC, and many others.)
Social Media:
Our Social Media team is looking for a candidate who can help us expand our brand online. The ideal candidate can utilize the most popular social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) and can create original content that engages our audience and helps maintain/grow our organizational brand.
Systems and Technology:
Hello and welcome to the Systems and Technology committee of Rutgers Esports, also known as SysTech. The SysTech committee is here to aid in the internal and external technological infrastructure of Rutgers Esports. The committee is currently broken up into three sub sections: Discord, Networks, and Website. The internal section of SysTech is the Networks section, while the others are external sections. All in all, we are here to make sure that everything technology-wise runs smoothly at events including rental PCs, ethernet setups, software installation, talking with Rutgers OIT, and communicating to our community via our website and Discord.