Alan Yu

Plays Rocket League w mouse and keyboard

Class of ’21
Chemistry major, Computer Science minor

Rutgers Esports Giveaways specialist (’18-present)

Rocket League Club co-founder (’17)
Rocket League Club co-president (’18-present)
Rocket League Representative/Executive Board member (’17-present)

Tell me about yourself.
I’m just a guy who came from New York with no access to games, and everything changed as I arrived in New Jersey. Gaming gave me the spark for something that I never knew I had and I’m here to create new moments that are unforgettable owo

Describe your first gaming experience; how did it change you?
As I got here, I began watching videos on Youtube which led me to Minecraft. I began to follow Minecraft and instantly fell in love with how simple it was and it became another game I could play besides Pokemon. Minecraft Classic was the first platform that ignited the spark that I have for gaming now. Considering the shy personality I had, this spark enabled me to create new connections with other players.

Tell me about your journey with Rutgers Esports; how did you find out about it, and what led you to be a part of it?
I found this org through the Involvement Fair after signing up with multiple clubs. The org sent an email later about what games the community was interested in and I applied to create a Rocket League scene. They invited me to their weekly meetings and I began to meet a few of the members. Another individual (Kyle Frick) was also passionate about creating this scene so after applying, we met and decided to create this club together. Another reason why I came into the org was because of the giveaways scene. The giveaways scene gave me something to look forward to aside from the event itself. After volunteering for helping with the giveaways at the Fireside Open, I knew this was something I enjoyed doing.

What have you accomplished in your time with the organization?
uhhhh giveaway rigging

What kind of legacy/impact do you hope to leave by the end of your time with the organization?
uhhhhhhhh fun memories and experiences

What are your plans for the future?
I’ll just see where my enjoyment for chemistry and CS will take me. Maybe even stuff with gaming combined owo