Fair Haven Becomes Home to First Middle School Esports Team

Photo courtesy of Chris Aviles

As esports has become more popular at the collegiate level, so has its prevalence at primary and secondary schools. More than 125 colleges and universities have started varsity teams while most have club and student run programs. High school organizations have been cropping up and competing in their own leagues, with some students even choosing their collegiate careers based off scholarship opportunities. We’re proud to have partnered with our friends at Knollwood Middle School as they have reached another milestone in the growth of esports: as one of the first middle school esports teams and league creators.

The Fair Haven Knights are aiming for their chance at gaming glory, currently rising up the ranks in Rocket League. As any good team should, they’re looking for challenges, and willing to help other schools start their own teams. If you’d like to see them in action, you can watch them take on Rutgers Esports very own Rocket League team here. We’re proud to have a good relationship with the team and their coach/coordinator, Chris Aviles as our own Scott Zackman and Kyle Frick advise when available. The Fair Haven Knights will be showcased on NBC on this coming February 22nd, so be sure to give that a watch.

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