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Friday Recaps: Rutgers at the NYXL Watch Party and LAN

This past Friday the New York Excelsior treated its community to a night of practically
unlimited pizza and Mountain Dew, high-octane Overwatch, and the opportunity to compete
among other aspiring local Overwatch teams. Nothing beats being able to share our passion of
esports with others, and NYXL delivered by running an excellent event. Our members
were able to mingle, connect, and promote ourselves among other fans and professionals.

It was an eventful night for everyone involved: NYXL went up against the Toronto Defiant and Rutgers Esports brought two of our competitive teams to participate in the NYXL hosted tournament. This is the first time our two teams, the Scarlet Knights and Scarlet Squires, were able to participate in a LAN at the same time. The Squires have a recently created roster, thus making this their first tournament and LAN appearance. The Knights, however, have been playing together for a long time. While the roster may not be the same as the 2017 Tespa Top 4 finishers, the team synergy and excellent play still shined throughout the tournament run. It was certainly an experience seeing all the different levels of Overwatch come together at one event. The Squires unfortunately fell 0-2 in the first round of the bracket to Team CoRe. The games were certainly close though, as both Lijang and Nepal came down to 99%-99% round
and could have gone either way. Some standout performances include Flex DPS Thomas “Fluf”
Pan on the Zarya, and Head Coach YJ “melody” Shin on the Lucio.

The Knights had an incredible performance, breezing their way through the bracket to the top 4, where they faced longtime rivals NJIT in a bo3 series. The Knights have an overall positive record against NJIT, only falling to them recently in the Winner’s Finals of the 2018 Fireside Open. The Knights certainly are no stranger to adaptation – even in the 3/3 meta, the team proved to have the resilience and fortitude to pull out ahead. We had some impressive
performances from Flex DPS Steven “SteveBobSam” Murset and his inspiring Brigitte, as well as
Vasik “Vak” Vadgama’s stellar work on both the D.Va and Zarya. The Knights went on to defeat our long-time rivals, NJIT, 2-0. Our success did not last however as the Knights succumbed 0-2 in the best-of-3 Finals against XXL, a pickup team consisting of Trials level players. It was an uphill battle for the Knights, but the team managed to keep the games competitive. While the win wasn’t there, the team walked away with cash prizing. General Manager Kenny “Beaniez” Smalls had this to say about the loss. “We’re not concerned with the loss against XXL. We feel that we established ourselves as a powerhouse of the East Coast Collegiate scene and showed to be the strongest Collegiate team present at the Helix Esports x NYXL LAN event. Our plan for moving forward is the same as it is after every match we play — keep our heads up, focus on fixing our mistakes, and reinforcing our strengths”. All in all, it was a great night for fans of Overwatch and for the community members at Rutgers Esports. We had the opportunity to cheer on our school’s teams, and then got to see NYXL win with a 3-1 victory against Defiant. We cannot wait for the next great event that Excelsior holds, as they have all been so fun to attend! And of course, we hope to see the NYXL pull off the 7-0 in stage one. They face off against the San Francisco Shock who will most certainly be their toughest challenge yet. But if anyone can do it, it’s the cool and dominant NYXL.

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