What We Do

Rutgers Pokémon Club brings Pokémon fans together to meet and appreciate all aspects of the Pokémon franchise including the games, POGO, the anime, or just the Pokémon themselves. Our Tuesday casual meetings are super chill with fun activities like Jeopardy, Pokemon Pictionary, Showdown, and Arts and Crafts. Our Friday competitive meetings focus on the battling aspect of the games and welcome trainers of all skill levels and interests (VGC, Smogon, Draft Leagues, etc). We also host a massive and active Pokémon GO community on our discord. Feel free to join our Discord or email us to be added to our email list!Discord: https://discord.gg/jrubCqJE-mail: rutgerspokemon@gmail.com

Meeting Times

Tuesday 9PM – 10:30PMMurray Hall 003 Friday 8PM – 9:30PM
Science and Engineering Resource Center – Room 217

Executive Board