Rutgers Esports Hosts The NYXL Spring Rally

Today marks the start of something big (like REALLY big!) for Rutgers Esports and the East Coast collegiate scene. Last night The Scarlet Knights beat NJIT in The Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Regional League for a solid start to our National League run. The entire bracket up until now and into the start of the National League games will still be single elimination best-of-5. The Scarlet Knights will play their next match on Sunday, March 17th at 7 PM EST. Opponent TBD. Keep an eye on our twitter for more information.

Also announced today is the Spring Rally, hosted by New York Excelsior. The bracket is invite-only and invited teams will have to compete in a popularity contest before being able to play against each other. Community members are asked to “cheer” for their school of choice and each cheer brings that school closer to the top 16 bracket. Currently only teams in the tri-state area plus Connecticut have been invited to participate, including Rutgers University and a few of our long-time rivals, NJIT and RIT. Perhaps the biggest news from this announcement is the decision by NYXL to host the grand finals at The Scarlet Classic V on Sunday, April 14th. We can only assume this is because of our consistent high-quality events and dedication “to make Rutgers the center of collegiate esports.”

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages to keep up-to-date on all things Rutgers Esports and what’s in store the next few months – Overwatch Player Profiles are next up!

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