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Rutgers Esports is one of the largest organizations on the East Coast, and boasts a thriving community both in-person and online.


Rutgers has a number of competitive teams for CS:GO, Overwatch, and more. All students are welcome to try out and join the best of the best.

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Each of our competitive teams have talented coaches and players willing to give advice, review VODs, work with you 1 on 1, and do their best to help you become a better player.


Deck yourself out in Rutgers Esports streetwear to help support our club and look stylish while doing so.

We're Rutgers Esports, an ever-growing community of gamers. We run events, have a number of competitive teams, and host club meetings every friday night.

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Looking for people to play with? Join our official Discord server! You will be able to connect with people of similar interests, receive important announcements about upcoming events, club information, signups for tournaments, and more. Hope to see you in the server!