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Rutgers Esports Community Review

Rutgers University is known as one of the oldest educational institutions in the entire US. It was founded in 1766 and is known for its high academic success, strict discipline, and conservative approach to teaching pupils.

Many bright minds began the path of their creativity and scientific activity here. The University is located in the city of New Brunswick in the District of New Jersey, which makes it one of the main centers not only in research and scientific activities but also one of the centers of student life in the United States.

Despite the conservative views of the educational staff and traditions, the students were able to create an esports community, which has become a real stronghold for all young esports players and in eight years has become one of the training centers for esports athletes in various disciplines.

Careful preparation and a high level of the organization allow members of the community to take first place in international competitions.

In this review, we will learn about how this community was created, why it is so popular, and what are the main directions of development planned for the near future by the organizers of the club.

History of the Club

Rutgers University has always been the main place for students cooperation and the place where the most daring projects and ideas were embodied. Due to the rapid growth in the popularity of esports, students began to gather in special interest clubs. Initially, their movement was amateur and sponsored by the participants themselves.

Students who are fond of e-sports donated part of their scholarship to the development of the club, which purchased the necessary equipment in the form of computers, keyboards, computer mice, joysticks, and so on. Thus, a foundation was prepared that allowed novice athletes to practice in various online games.

This continued until 2014. In 2014, the university leadership noticed the desire of students to organize an esports club and announced the official creation of the Rutgers University Esports Community, which received new equipment, huge premises, and funding.

This approach sets this university apart from the old and conservative educational institutions throughout America. The students appreciated this gesture and approached the organization of educational and training processes with a high degree of responsibility.

Over the eight years of the existence of the project, many students, thanks to this organization, have been able to prove themselves in international competitions in many disciplines.

Rutgers Esports Community Today

Today, the student organization Rutgers Esports is the largest association on campus and has more than 500 permanent members. Students regularly improve conditions for their members and host tournaments and championships that help raise new equipment funds and provide a training environment for athletes who want to compete internationally.

At the moment, the territory of the premises, which the Rutgers Esports community has, is about 3,000 square meters, which is really impressive. Such a large space allows you to accommodate a large number of spectators and athletes. There are also more than 60 modern computers at your disposal, which allow you to train in all the most popular online games at the highest settings.

Students have discounts visiting the club. You will be charged only $3 upon presentation of your university ID, while for everyone else the use of community computers will cost $6 an hour.

At the moment, the organization consists of the following clubs that specialize in their cyber disciplines:

  • Dota 2;
  • Counter Strike;
  • StarCraft;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch;
  • Hearthstone.

Such a variety of disciplines allows you to reach a large number of students, attract real fans, and regularly hold competitions in various online games.

Thanks to constant funding and high popularity, the club has all the continuous development opportunities, which makes it very promising and prestigious.

The organizers of the club stand for equality and provide an opportunity to express themselves to students from all countries and different backgrounds. All it takes is a genuine interest in esports. Even 20 years ago, no one would have imagined that online games would take such a high place in the international competitive arena.

Beсome a Part of the Modern Youth Movement

Judging by the pace of development of modern online sports and their inclusion in the official list of international sports, organizations of this kind will become an increasingly frequent and widespread phenomenon. If you know such a community, then joining the club will undoubtedly be a highlight of your life.

If your university does not have such an organization, then organize one! Now such an initiative will be very profitable. Regular participation in prestigious championships can significantly improve the image of the university.

You can easily follow the activities of such organizations online. Become a part of online clubs and discover the amazing world of online games!