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Rutgers CS: GO Club Review

Despite the venerable age of the university and its conservative standards, students still managed to create a modern Rutgers Esports Community in 2014, which is entirely focused on the development of eSports. This organization combines various online games, providing players with the same opportunities for training on the basis of the organization.

One of the top online games presented in the community is the popular CS: GO, shooter. The club of fans of this game was founded immediately after the creation of the community, since this cyber discipline is one of the most popular in the world, and international championships attract a huge number of viewers around the world.

The organization has managed to prepare a whole team of players who regularly compete in the US and abroad, showing excellent results.

Let’s learn more about this club and understand the reasons for its effectiveness and popularity.

History of CS: GO Club

CS: GO is an online multiplayer game released in 2012, which is a continuation of the legendary Counter-Strike series, which is dearly loved by fans of online games. The developers have tried to embody all the wishes of gamers and make the most interesting and dynamic shooter. As fans of the Counter-Strike series of games state, they succeeded.

The game match is a confrontation between terrorists and counter-terrorists. The purpose of the terrorist team is to plant the bomb and detonate it, the counter-terrorists must defuse the bomb and destroy the terrorists. At first glance, the game looks too simple.

There are a huge number of nuances that make the game very interesting. There are a huge number of unique cards that allow the player to use the game environment in different ways. CS: GO requires top-notch analytical skills and team play skills.

It is thanks to this that this discipline occupies one of the top positions in the ranking of online games, and tournaments have huge prize pools.

The CS: GO club was founded in 2014 as one of the main ones and immediately attracted a huge number of students. The first computers were purchased with the money of the students themselves, but despite this, the members of the club diligently developed the organization and obtained the help of the university management.

Over the eight years of its operation, the Esports community has managed to become the largest and most influential in the United States.

The management regularly held university championships, which were able to identify promising cyber sportsmen and involve them in training. This approach helps students develop their skills and realize their potential.

CS: GO Club Nowadays

At the moment, the community, which has gone through almost a decade of development, is one of the most prestigious and popular student organizations in the United States. The community has a 3,000-square-meter space at its disposal, which is used for training and meetings.

Players and club members have the opportunity to train on more than 60 modern computers that meet all technical requirements. Any student can come and use the computers for a fee of $3 per hour, for other people the fee is $6 per hour. The proceeds are used to upgrade equipment and improve conditions.

Organizational meetings are held every week on Fridays from 08:00 PM to 11:59 PM in the Science and Engineering Resource Center- Room 206. These meetings are scheduled to solve the club’s current problems and discuss the development strategy. At any other time, anyone can visit the community, chat with club members or play online games.

There are also two semi-professional Division 1 and Division 2 Institute teams that defend the honor of Rutgers University in championships with other educational institutions. The main event of this kind is the Collegiate Star League Online Season, which is held annually and requires hard training from the participants in the competition.

Discover the Amazing World of Counter-Strike

If there is such a community in your city, be sure to become a part of it. This will allow you to make new friends and an exciting hobby. For many young people, eSports has become a real ticket to life.

If there is no such organization in your area, consider becoming one. Such communities are very popular and attract thousands of participants every year!