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Rutgers Hearthstone Club Review

For many people, Rutgers University is associated with centuries of history and conservative teaching methods, but this is not the case. At the moment, the Rutgers Esports Community student organization has been operating at the university for 8 years, which conducts training in the most popular eSports disciplines and prepares athletes for competitions at various levels.

One of the disciplines is the popular online game Hearthstone. Despite their unusual format of a card-based collectible game, such tournaments attract millions of fans around the world to the screens.
Let’s learn more about the history of the club and why its popularity continues to grow.

Hearthstone Club History

Hearthstone is an online collectible card game released by Blizzard in 2014. Immediately after its release, it took a leading position among the most popular esports disciplines.

The game is based on the popular WarCraft strategy. The game mechanics are very unusual and involve collecting a deck of various cards and their combinations. Players compete with each other in exciting matches.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the rules, this discipline requires close study and lengthy training. Various types of decks are available to the player, each of which has its own characteristics.

Some cards represent a combat unit, a unit, while others represent a spell that can help achieve victory. The game was awarded the title of the best mobile game of 2014, and in addition managed to get a huge number of awards around the world.

The main feature of the game is its versatility and diversity. There are a huge number of cards and their combinations. Thus, esportsmen compete not only in the ability to use the necessary cards but also in the skill of making a deck.

Rutgers Community aims to bring all fans together and provide them with a space and opportunity to meet and practice. For 8 years, this discipline has remained one of the top ones in terms of popularity and demand. The organizers note that the most highly intelligent students choose Hearthstone, as the game requires an analytical mind, good memory, and strategic thinking.

During the existence of the club, the university team managed to take part in prestigious competitions in the United States and abroad. This brings additional popularity to the university and enhances its prestige as one of the most advanced educational institutions in America.

Hearthstone Rutgers Club Now

Today, the organization is at the peak of its popularity and has impressive resources that allow it to take a leading position among student organizations.

The club owns an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters, and more than 60 computers, which makes it possible to organize regular university championships and conduct a large number of training sessions.

A third of the computer room is constantly occupied by Blizzard lovers. Crowds of spectators enjoy watching spectacular fights.

Any Rutgers student can become a member and start their career as an esports player. If even ten years ago online games were something out of the ordinary, today it is a prestigious industry that has millions of fans around the world.

The organization organizes internal competitions and prepares contestants for major tournaments in the US and Europe.

Even despite the coronavirus, eSports continued its rapid development, since all that is needed for a tournament participant is to have stable Internet access and a modern computer. All this is provided by the Hearthstone Club at Rutgers.

Join the Hearthstone Community

Many schools have followed Rutgers’ lead and are building their own communities and supporting esports in every possible way among students. Such tournaments, even at the amateur level, raise the prestige of the educational institution and provide great popularity.

Become a member of the nearest Hearthstone club – this will help you make new friends and improve your skills. Even if you are not a student at your chosen university, they usually offer membership for a fee.

If there is no such organization near you, then become its founder! Such clubs are very popular among young people. In this way, you will help develop a very important area of ​​activity and find yourself at the center of the events of today’s youth environment.

Become part of the amazing world of Hearthstone and enjoy exciting battles and collect rare cards to build a strong deck!